Product: Video Flyers

Product: Video Flyers

What is a video flyer? It’s a short snappy video that you can put out on social media in much the same way you would a traditional paper or card flyer. We’ve written an article about the key differences between in our article on whether traditional flyering is still worth it in 2019. We’ve included examples below to see what £100 ca n get you.

How can I get a video flyer made?

  1. Tell us the simplest version of your message
  2. Send us relevant media (photos, video clips, flyers, audio recordings, etc)
  3. Let us know about preferred music styles
  4. Tell us your prefered marketing channel(s), output size and duration
  5. We’ll have a watermarked video ready for you to proof within 24hrs
  6. You sign off on the video by paying the £100 fee
  7. We send you the finished version of your video

We also offer social media distribution and audience analytics services. Any questions, don’t hesitate to get in contact. 

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