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Product: Interview at your location

An example of a clean background single camera interview. The subject, you or one of your talented minions, talks to the camera, engaging the audience with their eyes and makes their pitch and this can work for almost any content.

In this situation, the subject had a loose set of lines that were being tweaked as she went along. We would advise anyone going in front of the camera to practice filming themselves on their smartphone first to rehearse their lines, this way they’ll give a very slick performance once in front of the big camera. We’ve framed the talent to the side so graphics can be added at a later date. This is cheap, quick and easy to do and if it’s not too noisy where you work, we can come to you and film it in an hour or two. Another day for sound mixing and colour and voila a nice clean video for use on your website and/or social media.

This video can also be combined with other footage such as video of you performing your service, happy customers and or motion graphics if you’re explaining a complicated concept. It’s a great asset to have. Location interview prices start at £250 for the example that you’ve seen above but can be expanded out to meet your budget and requirements. Why not have a think about our product/service documentary and testimonial package…

For more info email morgan@morgisbord.media.

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