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Product: Feature Film

Project Lead's Summary

We had the fantastic opportunity to work with Insubordinate Guerrilla Productions (IGP) on this no-holds-barred crime drama. Gritty doesn’t begin to describe it. Filmed in locations throughout the South East but primarily in Sussex, it had it’s World Premiere at BAFTA on November 30th 2018. It’s now doing the festival circuit and had already been accepted into 9 festivals by the time of publication. We’ll be keep a close eye its progress. Local Writer/Director, Richard Anthony Dunford, has achieved a colossal feat in making this and we’re so happy that he chose us to help him bring this to fruition. Great cast and crew. Let’s see what 2019 brings to the local film scene and local creatives in general. If you want to see it’s awards progress, follow this link.


  • Project: Dragonflies Only Live for 24 Hours (Feature Film)
  • Client: Insubordinate Guerrilla Productions
  • Jobs: Camera Operator, Stand in Cinematographer, Drone Pilot and Drone Camera, Kit Provision, Transport.

Client Testimonial

Couldn't have done it without you.
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