We offer a comprehensive range of Video Marketing & Digital Production services. For specifics, please call.

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4K Ground & Aerial Shooting

Our Cameras & Drones are supported by our expert camera operators and Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO) allows us to film from the air to put a new perspective on a situation.

Editing & Colour Grading

We run powerful PCs with the latest Adobe Creative Cloud software. This allows us complete control over our audio visual output. Convert VHS or other to digital? Want a particular style? Shot your own footage? We can help.

Script Writing & Storyboards

You've got your own kit but need help getting your concept ready to shoot? Bring us in to consult or contribute our skills at any stage to help get things moving and focused on your objective.

Live Events

Awards Ceremonies, Business Fairs, Weddings, Concerts, Theatre Performances etc. We've got experience in building a narrative with a message from your big day.


We're adept at gathering interviews. From the public, live on location or in a staged environment. These are great when combined with a demo of what you or your business are capable of producing.

Video Marketing Advice

We post a lot of our knowledge on this site and on youtube. If there's something specific you wish to discuss, get in touch and we can arrange a consultation.

2D Animation & Motion Graphics

Animation is great for reaching a very broad audience and we have a some great animators at our disposal. Whether you're trying to explain a difficult concept or engage with a specific audience our gifted animator can produce excellent results.


Our staff have diverse educational backgrounds. An MSc in Digital Media Production & Marketing and experience in teaching and training mean we can help you with kit purchasing decisions and train you on how to produce your own videos that will work for your business.

For Hire

We're more than happy to be hire out a camera operator and/or filming equipment on a short term basis. Get in touch to organise. If it's just to rent kit, please see our fat Llama account for our rental options and pricing (Click/tap the icon above).

Latest Deals

The Trip – £1750!

Save £600 when you book our 3 most powerful and popular packages. That’s your video marketing funnel sorted. Just choose the type of video(s) you’d like to populate your marketing funnel and we’ll help devise the strategy and concepts, animate/shoot the videos and advise on distribution. 

PLUS we can give you any behind the scenes and out-takes footage for your social media accounts as a bonus.


We’re developing new packages all the time to best reach your customers. Swipe or click to scroll through.

Price Lists

Drone and pilot hire; Half day £250, Full Day £400

Consultation (Script Writing, Concept Development, Marketing Strategy etc): £50/hr

4K Camera, Mic & Operator: £300 per day

Editing: £50/hr

Training & Workshops: £100/hr

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