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Videos Vs Flyers: In 2019, is paper flyering still worth it?

Short answer? 

Flyers are most effective when there is direct interaction between you and your customer. If you don’t have that, then you’re not getting the best bang for your buck. 

In the table below, we compare having 10,000 flyers printed to having one video distributed to 10,000 targetted people on social media.

Video Vs Flyers Comparison Table


Social Media Video

Flyer / Leaflet



£10 (approx.) per 1000 – targeted

£35 per 1000 – untargeted



From £50 (A6 double sided)



£75 per 1000 (A6 double sided)

Script + Shoot + Cut

From £400 (max 59 seconds)




If an image says 1000 words, a video says…

Physical Presence


Targeted Distribution Possible – get your message to the right people

Levels wonky chair/table legs


Easy to monitor and maximise your ROI

The right type of card makes great paper darts


People prefer to watch than read

Temporary Doormat


No printing errors

Your teenagers have a free source of roach material


Cheap to replicate and distribute

Mmmm New Flyer Smell


Cheap to redistribute for a friendly reminder to potential and existing customers


Easily Shared between friends


Interactive – customers can comment and start up conversations with you


Accessible anywhere



10,000 Distribution

From £500 ex VAT

From £600 ex VAT

These figures were correct as of Oct 2018

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