How to… write an explainer video script: Example

How to… write an explainer video script: Example

Promo Project: FAQ Video Product


  • Are you or your employees spending too much time answering the same old customer questions?
  • You’ve put the answers on your website only to find that most haven’t read or even found them?


  • An FAQ video is more likely to be found and watched by people. In answering their query, an FAQ video not only saves you time, it distinguishes you from your competition, engenders gratitude from your audience and ultimately helps to drive customers to your business and increase sales.


  • Morgisbord Media makes FAQ videos

How it works – general

  • We handle the entire video production process from start to finish with only as much input from you as you want.

How it works – specific

  • You provide
    • the script (your frequently asked customer questions and answers),
    • a shooting location that isn’t too noisey (you’re workspace, for example)
    • the talent (you or an employee)
  • We Provide
    • pre-production support
    • 1hour of shooting (roughly 3 hours production window)
    • Up to 10 (90second max) videos ready for the platform of your choice (we recommend YouTube)

Value Prop – Exclusive Benefits

  • It’s simple, comprehensive and quick

Call to Action

  • So visit, or email to book your exclusive FAQ videos today.
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