How to… write an explainer video script

How to… write an explainer video script

Explainer Video Script: Guide

  • difficulty level: beginner
  • time to complete: 20 minutes

These pointers should help you get an outline for your explainer script.


  • Max three bullet points on each section – you’re aiming for 90seconds
  • It’s not a product brief so save the details (facts, raw data, industry best practices) for another video

Story Structure

  1. Problem(s)
  2. General Solution(s)
  3. Introduce Product
  4. How it works – General
  5. How it works – Specific
  6. Value Prop – Exclusive Benefits
  7. Call to Action

Once that’s done, you can move onto fleshing out structure with visual details to form the storyboard/shotlist. Need more guidance? See a completed example here.

I personally prefer a shotlist over a storyboard for live action shooting but with motion graphics, a storyboard wins hands down.

Link to storyboard post

Link to shotlist post

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