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Case Study: Puppet Story – Product Demo Funny Music Video

Project Lead's Summary

A unique opportunity to work with a very talented puppeteer and clients who knew the end point but weren’t sure how to get there. Within 2 hours we’d written an outline and rough shot list. I went away to tidy everything up and sketch out other ideas and by the following evening we were shooting. A truly great collaboration and a joy to work on from start to finish. 


  • Project: Music Video with rough toy story style narrative.
  • Client: Prestige Puppets
  • Jobs: Concept, Storyboard, Production, Post-Production

Client Testimonial

With Morgan’s input, advice and creative ability we brought the project to fruition in a very quick timeframe and were absolutely delighted with the results. I am sure that if we had not met Morgan, we would still be without a finished product!
Puppet Master
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